Soul of the Beast is an Atari 2600 game inspired by the classic Amiga game, Shadow of the Beast.

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The game was previously under working title of Legacy of the Beast and was coded by Michael Christophersson (@aeriflame on Twitter.) and runs on NTSC Atari systems, as well as Stella, Gopher2600, OpenEMU or other Atari 2600/VCS compatible emulators. A PAL version is apparently in the works.

Stolen as an infant child, moulded and twisted into a creature of violent servitude; You have at last awakened. Now defeat the vile horde, kill the sorcerer Rynkar, and regain your humanity.
:: 15 unique enemy types and variants
:: 4 massive areas to explore
:: Non-linear game design
The game is available now to download from