Evercade have partnered with Funstock to launch the Founders Edition of the Evercade VS console. The Founders Edition is limited to 5,000 units, and will be black instead of white.

With the package, you will receive:
  • Evercade VS Founder Edition Console (Black)
  • Evercade VS Founder Edition Controller (2x Black)
  • Evercade VS Founder Edition Exclusive Packaging
  • Evercade Handheld Black Link Cable
  • Founder Edition Certificate of Authenticity
  • Two Evercade VS Exclusive Art Cards
  • Evercade Exclusive Founder Edition Poster
  • Evercade VS Steel Book Cartridge Holder
  • Evercade VS Founder Edition Keyring
  • Your name in the credits* for the Evercade VS
You will also receive 6 cartridges with over 50 games included:
  • Intellivision Collection 1 (#21)
  • Bitmap Brothers Collection 1 (#22)
  • Technos Arcade 1 (Arcade Series #01)
  • Data East Arcade 1 (Arcade Series #02)
  • Gaelco Arcade 1 (Arcade Series #03)
  • Atari Arcade 1 (Arcade Series #04)