The Channel F was the first home console with interchangeable ROM cartridges, and so is certainly worth a look at for the retrogaming enthusiast.

The best emulator we've have found for the Channel F is FreeChaF by David Richardson. It is designed as a Libretro emulator so works well with Retroarch, Lakka and RetroPie. You will need two BIOS files for this emulator, which are:

  • SL31253 or SL90025
  • SL31254
Should you wish, you can also emulate the Channel F on the Pico-8 Fantasy console

Windows / Mac OS / LinuxMAME/MESSGood Support. Setname: channelf
Retroarchvia lr-freechaf-
RetroPievia lr-freechaf-
Recalboxvia lr-freechaf-
Pico-8Fairchild Channel F Emulator-
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