Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service for players with Windows, Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S.

Once subscribed you have access to over 100 games, but which ones might be of interested to the retro-gamer?

Here is a list of all the Xbox Game Pass games we think fit the bill. (We've included the EA Play games which are available in the Windows and Ultimate subscriptions)

Age of Empires I,II & III Definitive Edition??StrategyRemake of the 1997 original
Atic-Atac*??ActionZX Spectrum version
Banjo-Kazooie??3D PlatformXbox 360 version of Rare's N64 original
Banjo-Tooie??3D PlatformXbox 360 version of Rare's N64 original
Battletoads*??Beat em UpNES version
Battletoads*??Beat em UpArcade Version
Battletoads??Beat em UpThe new version that came out last year
Bejewelled 2??PuzzleCandy Crush's grandmother
Blast Corps*??ActionN64 version
Celeste??Platform2D Platformer orignally written for the Pico-8 fantasy console
Cobra Triangle*??RacingNES Version
Conker's Bad Fur Day*??3D PlatformNo need to buy an expensive N64 cart off eBay
Day of the Tentacle??AdventureRemake of the 1993 LucasArts classic SCUMM based adventure
Digger T Rock*??PlatformNes Version
Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, Doom 64??FPSThe game that made all Amiga owners end up buying a PC
Double Dragon Neon??Beat em UpRecent version of the arcade brawler
Elite Dangerous??StrategyFollow-up to a BBC Micro game
Final Fantasy VII??RPGPort of the PSX original
Final Fantasy VIII??RPGRemastered version
Fuzion Frenzy??ActionYes, OG Xbox has to count as retro now, this game is 20 years old for gawd's sake
Grabbed by the Ghoulies*??Arcade AdventureXbox port. Rare are keen to point out that it wasn't inspired by Atic Atac.
Grim Fandango??AdventureRemastered version of the LucasArts classic adventure
Gunfright*??Arcade AdventureZX Spectrum Version
Hollow Knight??PlatformModern old-skool platformer
Jetpac??ActionZX Spectrum version
Jetpac Refuelled??ActionFollow-up to some ZX Spectrum game
Killer Instinct Gold*??FightingN64 Version
Knightlore*??Arcade AdventureZX Spectrum Version
Lunar Jetman*??ActionZX Spectrum Version
Perfect Dark??FPGRare's kinda follow up to GoldenEye
Populous & Populous II??StrategyThe classic God-games
R.C. Pro-Am & R.C Pro-Am II??RacingNES versions
Sabre Wulf*??Arcade AdventureZX Spectrum Version
SimCity 2000??StrategyClassic isometric city-building strategy game
Slalom*??SkiingThe first game released under the Rare brand. NES Version
Solar Jetman*??ActionNES Version
Snake Rattle N Roll*??PlatformNES Version
Streets of Rage 4??Beat em UpAwesome recent game in the Streets of Rage series
Tetris Effect??PuzzleIt's Tetris, but with multiplayer
Two-point Hospital??SimulationIt's basically Theme Hospital
Underwurlde*??Arcade AdventureZX Spectrum Version
Worms W.M.D??StrategyModern day version of the Amiga classic
Xeno Crisis??Top-down shooterRecent game originally made for the Sega Megadrive

*Available as part of the Rare Replay compilation.

Let me know if there's anything you think I've missed. I'll regularly update this to show new additions or things that are no longer available.