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<< Rewind Tape: Gaming news from August 1989

Let’s hop in the time machine and look into the RAM OK ROM OK archives* and see what was happening in gaming and tech news from 30 years ago…

RAM OK ROM OK August 1989

Nintendo launch Game Boy portable gaming system in the US

HARDWARE Nintendo have launched its portable gaming system in the US. The device, known as the Game Boy, was released in Japan earlier this year and allows players to play games on-the-go. Created by the same people as the Game & Watch, but this time you can switch out the games.

The Game Boy features a monochrome LCD display, 4 buttons (start, select, A and B) and a 4-way joy pad. Launch games available in the US are Super Mario Land, Alleyway, Baseball, Tennis, and a puzzle game called Tetris.

And now for something completely different…

GAMES Virgin-Mastertronic have acquired the license to make a game based on Monty Python’s flying circus. No idea what it will be about yet, but we hope it will features giant feet, dead parrots and silly walks.

Atari 7800 Prosystem comes to the UK

Atari’s 7800 ProSystem

HARDWARE Atari are about to launch its 7800 Prosystem console in the UK, two years after its USA debut. Asteroids II is built into the machine, and other carts available will include arcade classics such as Joust and Centipede. Plus the 7800 will also play games for Atari’s ageing VCS system. Available for just £69.95.

Spectravideo’s Wizzy new Joystick

Spectravideo’s Quickshot Wizmaster QS-118

JOYSTICKS Spectravideo’s latest joystick is the Quickshot QS-118 or “Wizmaster”. The Wiz features auto-fire, a joypad, that converts to a stick (using a screw in stick) and two fire buttons. Versions available compatible with Amiga, Amstrad, Sega, SVI, MSX, Commodore 64, Atari and Nintendo.

MGT’s Drive of a Lifetime

PERIPHERALS Miles Gordon Technology have launched a new disk drive. Called the Lifetime drive, it is compatible with the Amiga, ST, BBC Micro, PC and Spectrum +3.

Amiga gets its own version of STOS.

CODING Mandarin Software are launching a version of their Atari ST BASIC style programming language for the Amiga. The new Amiga version in to be called AMOS, and users can control up to 48 software sprites and 32 hardware sprites simultaneously.

PC Engine goes stateside

The PC Engine will be known as the Turbo Grafx-16 in the USA

HARDWARE NEC’s PC Engine is hitting the states with a new name — TurboGrafx-16, and a case redesign. The console will feature the game, Keith Courage in Alpha Zones, as the in-pack cartridge.

Arcade-hit, Rainbow Islands, gets home launch

GAMES Rainbow Islands gets converted to home computers. Taito’s arcade hit was converted to the NES in the US last year, and now its the turn of the microcomputers. Amiga and ST versions are almost identical to the arcades, whilst C64, Spectrum and Amstrad versions are still very playable, but without the graphics of the 16-bits.

Bitmaps launch Xenon 2 shoot-em-up

Xenon 2 Megablast

GAMES The Bitmap Brothers’ vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up Xenon 2 is now available for ST, Amiga and PC. The Amiga version features a soundtrack from Bomb the Bass.

*completely fabricated archives…

More from the ROM OK RAM OK Archives in a few weeks…

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