Discussion of Blaze Entertainment's Evercade handheld and Evercade VS consoles.
In an email to customers, Andrew Byatt MD of Blaze said: Here's some I'd like to see Team 17 Amiga Collection: Alien Breeds, Super Frog, Project X, Arcade Pool, Assassin Pinball Amiga Collection: Pinball Dreams, illusions, Fantasies, etc ZX Spectrum...
Really been enjoying Chip's Challenge. Never really played it before, and it's my kinda puzzler!
  • robotjon 2084
    • No cartridges! Take all the cartridges out and press the menu button ten times!
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I'm very much looking forward to the Bitmaps and Codies carts
  • Ramokromok
    • Yeah I’ve never played any of the renovation games so I’m really looking forward to it.
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I am very, very excited. For those of you that have their, what are your first impressions, and for those that are waiting, what are you looking forward to?
  • Ramokromok
    • I’ll do a full review soon, but this thing is awesome.
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  • duhproject
    • I don't even see a great way to buy them yet here in the US. I guess I should keep digging...
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Evercade have announced its latest cartridge for its upcoming handheld games console. Atari Lynx Collection 2 features eight Lynx games including California Games, Chips Challenge… Continue reading...
  • Gory-Glory
    • I have bought Atari Lynx Collection 1 & 2 and I like them a lot. It would be cool if Evercade even release Atari Jaguar Games
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So - what do y'all reckon ? WHat's the most hidden of Gems on Evercade ? I was really loving the Humans (I must get back to it) but there are a LOT of NES games that are great too - I like 8Eyes even though it's rock hard....
  • Ramokromok
    • I don't know if these are hidden gems but I really enjoy Food Fight (Atari 7800) and Gates of Zendocon (lynx)
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I was on the fence about buying an Evercade VS. The main benefits of the VS over the handheld is the multiplayer options. (You can also plug it into the TV – but you can already do this with the handheld) The trouble is, the games I'd want to play with...