New Retro-style Consoles

Playdate, Amico, Atari VCS etc “The Intellivision developer portal includes precise specs for various system elements in order to help game makers begin building Amico...
  • Ramokromok
    • I'm really interested in seeing the Amico in real life, and I will probably pick one up at some point, but there's been a...
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Think I’m going to have to get one a dock if I do get the Playdate. Im 90% convinced. The idea of it seems pretty awesome.
I’m pretty bummed to be honest. I’ve a major mistrust of how companies handle digital downloads long term, so the fact that the physical media is just a fancy way of downloading a game is disappointing for me.
  • duhproject
    • This is the first time hearing about this. That's disappointing.
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Playdate have shared this on their Twitter account - the crank even works too!