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I've been playing a lot of Wipeout on the PSX
An Open Letter to Retro Gaming and Vintage Computing fans. Want to know how to beat Impossible Mission on the C64 (or Evercade)? Want to know how the VIC-20 uses memory expansions? Or Why your Vectrex won't turn on? With modern technology, the answer is...
  • CommodoreCruiser
    • Yeah, I agree with a lot of this, but am guilty of it too. It's so much easier to use Discord on my phone than a forum.
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Not the usual retrogaming fare, but I'd highly recommend checking out what's going on over at cyber1: This group is preserving and offering access to PLATO software. PLATO was an educational project in the 60s and 70s that ended up...
  • Ramokromok
    • Maybe there's a way of picking a time and date and announcing it beforehand, perhaps on your podcast, and get enough people...
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I just picked up an overlay for Vectrex Clean Sweep!
  • Sanxion
    • I have recently been very silly and purchased something for my C64 collection. I will post pics when it comes through. Most...
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Anyone have an old rogue-like game they are particularly fond of? I feel like there are a lot of weird ones tucked away that are tons of fun. Personally, I really enjoy alphaman( It's something between...
  • Ramokromok
    • I've got an Ouya that I haven't got round to hacking yet. Sounds like something I need to look into - did some googling and...
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Think this counts as retro gaming, but I've been slowly working on a janky DOS game in my spare time. Here's the codebase: The good stuff: it's a 100% text mode rouge-ish game written in x86 assembly...
  • Ramokromok
    • Well I’m looking forward to hearing how you get on! Good luck
  • Replies: 3 Not a bad list. Though I think Colossal Cave Adventure should be there over Zork. And perhaps a nod to Microchess as the first commercial computer game. "Rather than replicas, the gaming stations will be the original, vintage machines with period-appropriate releases, including Street Fighter II, Pac...
  • JoyFreak
    • This sounds awesome. I'll be moving out to London in September so I will have to make a stop and check it out :)
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Let’s see your collections of machines! I’ve just been having a tidy up so it looks a lot neater than usual. (Missing from the pic is the Vectrex, as that’s permanently plugged in elsewhere!)