Creepy Cave

Arcade/Adventure. Vampire bats, ectoplasm bolts, slime covered ledges and acid pools. All these and more must be faced if our mega hero, Dirk Daring, is to successfully negotiate the depths of Creepy Cave and recover his door key from the evil ghost.

Dirk Daring, adventurer, explorer, space pilot and top goal scorer for Manchester United, was returning home after winning the world karate championships, when an evil ghost stole his front door key and vanished into the depths of Creepy Cave. Leaping from ledge to ledge, avoiding vampire bats and ectoplasm bolts, Dirk takes off in pursuit. There is only one way through each cavern, and only one exit. Collecting the crucifix from each screen will earn extra points but be careful as there is a limited air supply. Can you help our mega hero to recover his key and get home in time for supper?


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