Gauntlet is a clone of the Williams arcade classic Defender.

Your X15 is equipped with deadly lasers and a limited number of smart bombs flying over a planetoid landscape protecting canisters from a swarm of hostile Reeg. The player patrols the two-way scrolling landscape in his ship, preventing the marauding aliens from abducting the humans. If the Reeg manage to get a canister to the top of the screen, it turns into a mutant that will come after you, resulting in a fatal collision if not dealt with. Each canister left gives you a bonus at the end of each stage.

A long range scanner is in the top of the screen that shows the location of all Reeg and canisters on the level. You start out with three lives. Each time you get hit by an enemy projectile you lose a live, once all lives are spent the game is over.


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