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Blitter Boy: Operation Monster Mall
PlayStation • 1998

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GenreMultidirectional Shooter
PlayersOne Player
Part of Compilation:Euro Demo 92
Euro Demo 42
Euro Demo 108
Euro Demo 40
Euro Demo 89
Development TeamVideoClay
ProgrammingChris Chadwick

Blitter Boy is a top-down area-shooter, where you need to take babies to safety away from ghosts. Blitter Boy was the winner of the 1998 Game Developer UK Competition

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  • "I initially thought of doing something Robotron-inspired. [...] At some point, I also had to abandon the idea of having Robotron's independent movement and shooting directional control. I don't think dual analog sticks on controllers were standard yet [...] I really can't remember exactly how I came up with the whole collect-the-babies thing, but I'm pretty sure I was influenced by Flicky. [...] I could well have taken some influence from Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the SNES, too. There’re babies to rescue in that. Great game." Net Yaroze Interviews: Chris Chadwick