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Atari • 1992

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Launched ByAtari
Type32-bit Microcomputer

The last of the Atari ST line, and Atari's last home computer system. Very few games were written for the Falcon during its lifetime, and it had compatibility issues with some Atari ST software. You can see a compatibility list here.

Popular Falcon games


Most emulators will need a TOS image file, or can be used with EmuTos.

System Emulator Notes
Windows / Mac OS / Linux MAME/MESS Preliminary Support. Setname: falcon30
Windows / Mac OS / Linus / Various Hatari -
Various ARAnyM -

Emulator information last updated 18th April 2020

Tech Specs and further details

Name Atari Falcon
Origin United States
Processor Motorola 68030
Memory 1MB, expandable to 14MB
Display Output RF Output, or via custom monitor RGB port
Display Size (pixels) Up to 640×480
Colours Palette of 262,144
Audio 8 stereo channels, 16-bit audio in/out, Midi in/out
Storage 3.5" Floppy DIsk, 2.5" IDE Harddrive
Input Built in keyboard, Mouse and joystick via 9-pin port
Additional Ports Cartridge port, LAN port, Parallel port, 2 x serial ports,


  • Atari Mania
  • Backward - Backward is Atari Falcon software dedicated to Falcon - ST compatibility