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Atari • 1993

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Launched ByAtari
Type5th Generation 64-bit Console
Launch23rd November 1993

The Jaguar was Atari's last console. Despite shouting about it being the first 64-bit console, lack of software support, and later, competition from the Saturn and Playstation helped cement its demise. Even a CD add-on couldn't save it!

Despite all this, the machine has a cult following, and currently has a thriving homebrew scene.

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System Emulator Notes
Windows / Mac OS / Linux MAME/MESS Preliminary Support. Setname: jaguar
Windows / Linux Virtual Jaguar -
Retroarch via lr-virtualjaguar -
RetroPie via lr-virtualjaguar Doesn't work well on Raspberry Pi
Windows Project Temptest The first ever Jaguar emulator

Emulator information last updated 9th April 2020

Tech Specs and further details

Name Jaguar
Origin United States
Processor Motorola 68000
Developed by Martin Brennan, John Mathieson
Memory 2MB RAM
Display Output Composite/S-Video/RGB Monitor port, UHF/VHF output
Colours 16,777,216
Audio CD-Quality Sound
Storage ROM Cartridges
Input Joypad controller with built-in keypad
Cost $249.99 (US Launch)