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MOS Technology • 1976

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Launched ByMOS Technology
Additional BrandsCommodore
Type8-bit Microcomputer

The KIM-1 (KIM stood for Keyboard Input Monitor) was a single-board microcomputer based on the MOS 6502, designed by Chuck Peddle. MOS Technology was soon acquired by calculator manufacturer, Commodore, and began work on KIM-1's successor, the Commodore PET.

Popular KIM-1 games

Tech Specs and further details

Name MOS KIM-1
Origin United States
Processor MOS 6502
Developed by Chuck Peddle
Memory 1KB RAM
Display Output 6-digit L.E.D Display
Display Size (digits) 6
Storage Paper Tape, Cassette
Input Hex Keypad with 23 keys, plus on/off Single-Step Switch
Cost $245 (USA, launch)