Max Machine / Ultimax Commodore • 1982

  • Commodore
  • MOS Technology 6510
  • Japan
  • United States of America
  • ROM Cartridge
The Max Machine (also known as the UltiMax in USA / Canada; and the VC-10 in Germany) was a games console with a membrane keyboard released by Commodore in Japan in early 1982.

The machine was essentially a very cut-down C64 – the C64 and C128 were designed to have compatibility with MAX Machine cartridges.

Around 24 cartridges were released for the machine, many of these would be later repackaged as C64 games. A lot of the games were made for Commodore by HAL Laboratory.

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Tech Info

Name // MAX Machine / UltiMax / VC-10 / VIC-10

Origin | United States / Japan
Processor | MOS 6510
Developed by | Yashi Terakura
Memory | 2.5k RAM
Display Output | RF Output
Colours | 16 colours
Audio | SID Chip
Storage | ROM Cartridges, ports for cassette
Input | Built-in Membrane Keyboard
Cost | $180 at launch
Additional Names | MAX Machine (Japan) / UltiMax (US / Canada) / VC-10 (Germany)


  • - MultiMax is a cartridge for the MAX Machine / UltiMax which contains all the games ever released for the system. The website also gives some background information on the machine.