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  1. Lara_Valentine79

    PSX What is your favourite game on the PS1?

    Mine is probably Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It's well paced, and I like that it's more action focused than RE1. I do think that the dodging mechanic was pretty unpredictable at times but other than that, it's well worth playing.
  2. Lara_Valentine79

    What was the last retro-thing you bought?

    Recently bought a Nokia n-gage. You do have to remove the battery to insert the game cartridge which is a bit awkward, but other than that it's a neat little phone.
  3. Lara_Valentine79

    What recent game have you sunk the most time into?

    Not too recent, but Bayonetta 2 was a game I sunk a lot of time into, lots of replay value.