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  1. Ramokromok

    PSX What is your favourite game on the PS1?

    Like a racing game do we?
  2. Ramokromok

    Sprite Castle 060: Ballblazer

    Yeah, also enjoyed this episode @Flack - could never get on with Ballblazer but might have to give it another go now
  3. Ramokromok

    CBM PET This is amazing! Lemmings on a PET

    Yeah I've been umming and ah-ing over tfw8b's new PET. Though I think I'm probably going to be saving for a Mister kit, which hopefully can do PET
  4. Ramokromok

    PSX What is your favourite game on the PS1?

    They looked Soooooo realistic! I didn't think graphics could get any better 😂
  5. Ramokromok

    PSX What is your favourite game on the PS1?

    I need to check these out!
  6. Ramokromok

    Playdate The playdates dock looks pretty darn awesome

    Think I’m going to have to get one a dock if I do get the Playdate. Im 90% convinced. The idea of it seems pretty awesome.
  7. Ramokromok

    Evercade Which Evercade game have you been playing lately?

    Really been enjoying Chip's Challenge. Never really played it before, and it's my kinda puzzler!
  8. Ramokromok

    PSX What is your favourite game on the PS1?

    Final Fantasy VII! and Wipeout. and Abe's Odyssey and this fella....
  9. Ramokromok

    What's your favorite rogue-like?

    I've got an Ouya that I haven't got round to hacking yet. Sounds like something I need to look into - did some googling and 100 Rogues sounds pretty fun!
  10. Three more Channel F ports created by Arlasoft: 2048, Threes and Centipede

    Arlasoft has been busy creating more Channel F games! Three new games have been launched for the system: 2048, Threes and Centipede 2048 for Fairchild Channel F A game for the Fairchild Channel F, written in F8 assembly language over the course of around 24 hours. This is the classic...
  11. News Nixy the Glade Sprite - new C64 platform game

    Nixy the Glade Sprite is a new C64 arcade-adventure platform game, which has been ported from the ZX Spectrum version launched in 2018. Nixy is a glade sprite charged with looking after the Gaia stone. The Gaia stone is the heart of the Glade and gives life to the plants and flowers. But...
  12. Ramokromok

    Pico 8 The BEST Pico-8 games!

    Ooh that’s two votes now for High Stakes, making it the best so far! I did have pico8 on my retro flag gpi case - but had to reinstall RetroPie, so no longer have it on there. I might make a dedicated SD card for it
  13. Ramokromok

    Welcome to RAMOKROMOK forums!

    Hi @Smokey @Laifot and @Gory-Glory ! really appreciate you signing up!
  14. News Hamster add shooter 'Hacha Mecha Fighter' to Arcade Archives range

    Hamster are adding Hacha Mecha Fighter to its Arcade Archives range for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4. The shoot em-up game was launched in the arcades in 1991 by NMK. Hamster say: Control KAWAUSO and TSUCHIBUTA as they fly forward on airplanes and defeat enemies along the way. It's a...
  15. Ramokromok

    Evercade Evercade add second Lynx compilation cartridge to its line-up

    Yeah, I've still to get Collection 1, but had to get Collection 2 ever since I played Blue Lightning on a shop demo Lynx back in the day. I always wanted a Lynx, and playing them on the Evercade is probably the next best thing! (It may even be better than playing on a Lynx due to the screen...
  16. Ramokromok

    Amiga A drive to the PiStorm: Virtual Hard Drives on the Amiga A500

    If I still had my A500, I'd definitely be getting one of these. Not sure it works on the A1200.
  17. Ramokromok

    Pico 8 The BEST Pico-8 games!

    Awe! that looks awesome.
  18. Ramokromok

    Pico 8 The BEST Pico-8 games!

    Additions from Twitter:
  19. Ramokromok

    Pico 8 The BEST Pico-8 games!

    Inspired by Cody on Pixel Gaiden, it would be great if there was a curated list of awesome pico-8 games, so let's do this! Below is Cody's list of awesome Pico-8 games and my awesome Pico-9 games sorted by genre. Nominated your faves by replying to this thread, or @ing me on Twitter and I'll add...
  20. Ramokromok

    What's your favorite rogue-like?

    Alphaman definitely sounds worth a look, I'll check that out. I'm never completely sure the difference between a Roguelike and a Roguelite, but here goes: Sword of Fargoal (VIC-20), 1982 Probably the first Rogue-type game I played, and long before I know what Rogue was! The Binding of...