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  1. News Evercade VS console "Founders Edition" available to pre-order today

    Evercade have partnered with Funstock to launch the Founders Edition of the Evercade VS console. The Founders Edition is limited to 5,000 units, and will be black instead of white. With the package, you will receive: Evercade VS Founder Edition Console (Black) Evercade VS Founder Edition...
  2. Ramokromok

    Evercade The one game that's convinced me to buy an Evercade VS

    I was on the fence about buying an Evercade VS. The main benefits of the VS over the handheld is the multiplayer options. (You can also plug it into the TV – but you can already do this with the handheld) The trouble is, the games I'd want to play with other players I have on other systems...