1. Amstrad PCW coming to ZEsarUX emulator

    Amstrad PCW coming to ZEsarUX emulator

    Z80 emulator, ZEsarUX looks to be adding the Amstrad PCW to its range of emulators, based on a tweet posted a few days ago. @zesarux posted "New machine coming to ZEsarUX.. Who recognises it?" with the hashtag, #pcw8256 The Amstrad PCW was a personal computer produced by British electronics...
  2. Ramokromok

    Jim Blimey releases ZX Spectrum themed virtual keyboard for Windows

  3. Ramokromok

    Emulator ZEsarUK to add MSX support

    It looks like the emulator ZEsarUX is to add support for the MSX system, as can be seen by the Youtube video below: The emulator by Cesar Hernandez Bano, currently supports Sinclair and ‘sinclair aligned machines’ such as Amstrad CPC Jupiter Ace and Sam Coupé. ZEsarUX runs on multiple...