Advent of Computing: Episode 75 - A Cybernetic Future

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Advent of Computing


Episode 75 - A Cybernetic Future​

Cybernetics is broadly defined as the study of control and communications, with a special emphasis on feedback-based systems. Put another way: cybernetics is the study of the flow of data. Predating computer science by decades, cybernetics offers up an interesting view of computing. But of course, there's a lot more to the picture than just computers. This episode we are looking at Project Cybersyn, an attempt to automate Chile's economy via cybernetics. To talk about this specific case we are going to dive deep into the history of cybernetics itself. Selected Sources: - Behavior, Purpose, and Teleology - The Viable System Model, by Beer - Beer on Cybersyn - Designing Freedom, Regulating a Nation, by Eden Medina

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