Arcade Attack: Current gen (but not really as none of us can get a PS5) gaming chat

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Current gen (but not really as none of us can get a PS5) gaming chat​

On a retrogaming podcast? Are you kidding me?! Sort of. Our journey into the cold wastelands of Patreon has opened up a few opportunities to do different things. Adrian's mum's erotic novel is one (we're all petrified, don't worry) and the opportunity to talk about more modern stuff is another.

Dylan (of all people) introduces the concept and the boys open up about the modern games they've been enjoying the last few years and ones which are due a Patreon podcast or two. From Microsoft's Forza offerings to PlayStation exclusives to er, Breath of the Wild and Stadia (oh we go there), we hope there's something to tantalise your taste buds for the future.

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