Arcade Attack: Sega Powered & WAVE Game Studios - Interview

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Sega Powered & WAVE Game Studios - Interview​

Dean from Sega Powered and Daniel from indie publishers WAVE Game Studios join Dyl for a chat to discuss this month's issue of Sega Powered. An issue that contains - wait for it - an actual Dreamcast demo CD packed with four demos and additional content.

They discuss why the issue is an absolute must-purchase (once they're gone, they're gone), why the games (Intrepid Izzy, Shadow Gangs, Flea! and Driving Strikers) are worthy of your time and, of course, the joys and pitfalls of bringing a print magazine and unknown indie games to the masses. We throw in some SEGA chat for you as well of course.

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Find out more about Daniel's work at Games | WAVE Game Studios

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