Arcade Attack: Tony Van (SEGA, EA, LucasArts) - Interview

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Tony Van (SEGA, EA, LucasArts) - Interview​

Tony Van is a true gaming legend. He has produced and designed games for LucasFilm Games, Activision, SEGA, EA and lots more iconic companies. In this really fun and in-depth interview, Tony reflects on his amazing career.

He shares stories about working Indiana Jones titles, producing Star Wars: Rebel Assault and what it was like working at LucasFilm Games (LucasArts) in the 90s.

Tony then shares his memories of what SEGA was really like in the mid-90s. Tony worked on many classic Genesis, SEGA CD and 32X titles. These include Shadowrun, Home Alone, Fahrenheit and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and many more.

Tony also reflects on his time working at SegaSoft, and helping to launch

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