Coder, Paul Hammond, has launched a port of Bubble Bobble for the PICO-8 ‘fantasy console’.

  • Screenshot-2020-05-08-at-14.12.59.png
  • Screenshot-2020-05-08-at-14.12.13.png
  • Screenshot-2020-05-08-at-14.11.53.png
  • Screenshot-2020-05-08-at-14.11.29.png
  • Screenshot-2020-05-08-at-14.11.24.png

The ‘demake’ features 90 levels and, like the original, can be played as a two-player game.

The Pico-8 game can be played here:

Hammond is no stranger to PICO-8 demakes and conversions having also coded versions of Frogger, Atari 2600 style-Space Invaders, Qix and Boulder Dash.

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