Evercade add second Lynx compilation cartridge to its line-up


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Both of the Lynx carts are well worth the investment. Some brilliant games, including many I would say represent the best of the Lynx such as Blue Lightning, California Games, Slimeworld, etc.


Yeah, I've still to get Collection 1, but had to get Collection 2 ever since I played Blue Lightning on a shop demo Lynx back in the day. I always wanted a Lynx, and playing them on the Evercade is probably the next best thing! (It may even be better than playing on a Lynx due to the screen, battery life and weight of the Evercade!)


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I have bought Atari Lynx Collection 1 & 2 and I like them a lot.

It would be cool if Evercade even release Atari Jaguar Games

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