A Theme Park management simulator is being created by ArlaSoft for the Commodore 64. Funfair Inc., which as you may have guessed is based on Bullfrog’s hit game, Theme Park.

The game is expected to release in December 2020, and features 32 rides and animal attractions; 20 shops and gaming stalls; and 16 features and toilet facilities.

What’s In The Game

  • Design and run your dream theme park
  • Research new attractions, facility improvements etc.
  • Hire staff to help the park run smoothly
  • Manage stock levels
  • Negotiate pay rises with staff union
  • Acquire loans to pay for improvements
  • Set ticket, shop and stall prices
  • Beat the competition with a profitable and happy park
  • Choose from a number of difficulty levels

You can find out more on the page here.



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