Pixel Gaiden: Episode 102 - Finally, SONIC vs. MARIO Handheld Battle + Retro NEWS!

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Episode 102 - Finally, SONIC vs. MARIO Handheld Battle + Retro NEWS!​


We're back for Episode 102!

In this episode Cody and Eric catch up on the news + Battle Of The Systems, Sonic Triple Trouble (Game Gear) vs Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Game Boy)!

We are doing news for the first monthly episode and then "catching up" later in the month.

Episode Guide


5:48 - Quick Questions

17:14 - Patreon Song

24:58 - Eric's Take - Handheld Mods

46:16 - Tea Time With Tim - Mission Statement

1:09:46 - News

1:56:38 - Battle Of The Systems, Sonic Triple Trouble (Game Gear) vs Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Game Boy)

News -

Cody - https://www.timeextension.com/news/...-lovely-throwback-to-the-days-of-the-spectrum

Tim – Amiga OS 3.2.2 Update – Just released by Hyperion - it adds some small cosmetic features, such as an About box in the new Text Editor, chip revision info if you're lucky enough to have a 68060 processor, and support for older versions of Kickstart, which means 3.2.2 can now dual-boot with older versions.

This is available to registered users of OS 3.2 - Doug (10 Min Amiga Retro Cast) has already popped out a video all about it.

Cody - https://www.timeextension.com/featu...tegy-guide-for-a-soulsborne-that-doesnt-exist

Eric – Age Of Ants for Pico-8 - https://eeooty.itch.io/age-of-ants

Cody – Turn your Wii U on quick! https://www.timeextension.com/news/2023/03/not-used-your-wii-u-in-a-while-it-might-be-dead

Eric - RED - GameBoy inspired RPG Adventure by DerpyDooDesigns gets an early build - https://www.indieretronews.com/2023/02/red-gameboy-inspired-rpg-adventure-by.html#more


Cody - https://www.timeextension.com/news/2023/02/bitmap-books-is-tackling-the-pc-engine-next

Eric – What now!? - Bad stuff on a clone SNES sold at Walmart -


Cody – Over Out upcoming shmup for Famicom looks like a true bullet hell! https://www.timeextension.com/news/...mup-over-obj-pushes-the-famicom-to-its-limits

Eric – Dark and Darker – Have you heard of it? - https://www.gamesradar.com/dark-and...gests-skyrim-x-tarkov-is-more-than-a-gimmick/

Cody - UK Retailer Argos Stops Accepting Preorders For The Intellivision Amico

Cody – Shmup in the Works for Genesis - https://www.indieretronews.com/2023/03/this-upcoming-shoot-em-up-for-sega.html

Tim and Eric – ZX Spectrum NEXT Update News -


Cody - https://www.timeextension.com/news/2023/02/shattered-ninja-is-an-indie-homage-to-games-like-strider

Cody - Taito Egret II Mini Arcade Memories Vol. 2 Is Coming, Says Producer

(Cody) https://retrododo.com/playdate-update/

Tim – The FNX 1591 – New creation of an IEC based 3.5” floppy drive, can be used with Commodore computers. This is a new 3.5” 720k Disk dive available from c256 Feonix website and created by the developer Stefany Allaire who also creates the F256K modern 16bit computer platform.


Cody – Free Book! https://www.timeextension.com/news/...k-for-free-after-sega-issues-cease-and-desist

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