Pixel Gaiden: Episode 86 - Frogs & Frankensystems, Oh My! + 6 Good Frog Games

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Episode 86 - Frogs & Frankensystems, Oh My! + 6 Good Frog Games​


We're back for Episode 86!

In this episode Cody and Eric catch up on the news + 6 Good Frog Games.

We are doing news for the first monthly episode and then "catching up" later in the month.

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4:34 - Quick Questions

15:40 - Tea Time With Tim

34:00 - Patreons

38:06 - Cody's Corner

58:40 - News

1:37:44 - 6 Good Games



(Cody) https://www.gematsu.com/2022/06/150...i-mania-announced-for-switch-pc-and-atari-vcs

(Cody) https://eldenpixels.itch.io/alwas-awakening-the-8-bit-edition

(Eric) Rise Of The Frankensystems -

Sega Dreamcast Portable 2021 a Beast of a Handheld !

(Cody) Krikzz Firmware updates

(Tim) - Kung Fu Flash Firmware update to v1.41. Better disk emulation support and ability to switch drive numbers. Also now able to control the menu with Joystick


(Eric) Cool Game Boy DMG Advance Mod - https://retrododo.com/game-boy-dmg-advance/

(Cody) Swap Meet FlashMasta - https://www.flashmasta.com/swap-meet-flash-masta/

(Tim) - Reset64 Craptastic 2022 4k games compo. The games starting to make their way out now as the entry date has passed. Some excellent releases including Brum Brum by all round top bloke and C64 coding legend Roy “Roysterini” Fielding, other highlights so far are Circles, Marble Boy and Poke. This year will be a hard one to judge. A complete pack should be available by the time this episode airs via Reset64 Itch.io page

- Marble Boy

Circles (C64 4k Game 2022) - Gameplay - Circles

(Tim) Friend of the show, Ricki Sickenger @bagofhats on Twitter of Badger Punch Games has released their fun western themed shooter Showdown on the Mega C65. It’s much enhanced for the Mega 65 as you would imagine with new graphics and sound. Its also going to get a full price physical release. In the mean time you can pick it up on his Itch.io site for 5 bucks!


(Eric) Creeping Me Out Hex Night – Upcoming platformer for Amiga.


(Tim) C64 Puzzle classic Mike and Molly by Carleton Handley and his other C64 releases like Runn ‘n Gunn have been made available for FREE by Carleton on his itch.io page. There are some cracking C64 games here and if you have not had a chance to try them, now is the time to pick them up!


(Eric) Lykia – The Lost Island for c64 and plus/4 available July 14th and physical copies later this year -
C64 Round Up: March 2022 featuring Lykia - The Lost Island Preview

JRPG for c64!

(Cody) New evercade carts announced! https://evercade.co.uk/alwas-awakening-cathedral-evercade/

Alwas awakening –Cathedral and the C64 Collection!

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