Pixel Gaiden: Episode 98 - Now We’re Cooking! - 6 Good Cooking Games

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Episode 98 - Now We’re Cooking! - 6 Good Cooking Games​


We're back for Episode 98!

In this episode Cody and Eric catch up on the news + 6 Good Cooking Games!

We are doing news for the first monthly episode and then "catching up" later in the month.

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8:57 - Quick Questions

22:01 - Patreon Song

33:56 - News

1:19:58 - Tea Time With Tim - MSX Retro Cast

1:32:26 - Cody's Corner - Genesis Shooters Part 3

2:11:00 - 6 Good Cooking Games

News -

Cody – 2D Duke Nukem 4Ever game prototype found and released. https://www.indieretronews.com/2022/12/duke-nukem-4ever-prototype-build-for.html#more

Tim – Reset 64 new edition has landed over the holiday season. Available from their itch.io website in PDF form. Another brilliant edition covering games on the C64 from the latter part of 2022, the results of the 2022 Craptastic competition. There is also a section dedicated to Oliver Frey the amazing artists from Zzap64, Crash and many other games artwork. Of course featuring another amazing Ant Stiller produced cover page artwork. It’s a free download but you can always throw them a few bucks for their hard work.


Cody – Super Nintendo World Opens Next Month! https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2...e-super-nintendo-world-at-universal-hollywood

Eric - Scorch - A Scorched Earth clone gets a New Year release for the Atari XL/XE


Cody – New Atari Console releases, again, again https://retrododo.com/atari-my-arcade/

Tim – New ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC game - Ramiro the vampire: in the Mystery of the Papyrus.

New from the Mojon Twins, downloadable at their itch.io site. New puzzle platform adventre for the 64k Amstrad CPC.


Cody – Sports Story Releases on th Switch...poorly https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2...3-is-now-available-heres-the-full-patch-notes

Eric - The GB Interceptor Lets You Stream Gameplay From An Unmodified Game Boy


Cody – Gran Turismo the Movie? https://retrododo.com/sony-gran-turismo-ces-2023/

Eric - Crunchyroll Is Making A Video Game For The Game Boy Color -


Cody – Akka Arh https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2...arrh-makes-dazzling-return-in-new-screenshots

Eric – Pico-8 Manic Miner - https://minionsoft.itch.io/manic-miner

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