So, Evercade have (at least) 11 carts confirmed this year - what do you think they'll be?


May 11, 2021
In an email to customers, Andrew Byatt MD of Blaze said:

I have signed 11 new cartridges as of today with several more deals being negotiated as I write. We aim to bring you more variety, more big names, more hidden gems and games from other systems we have not yet seen on Evercade. We have some exciting things coming your way.

Here's some I'd like to see

  1. Team 17 Amiga Collection: Alien Breeds, Super Frog, Project X, Arcade Pool, Assassin
  2. Pinball Amiga Collection: Pinball Dreams, illusions, Fantasies, etc
  3. ZX Spectrum Collection: Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, Chuckie Egg, Head over Heels etc
  4. Taito Arcade Collection: Bubble Bobble, Space Invader, Rainbow Island, Elevator Action
  5. EA Collection (long shot!) Desert/Jungle Strike, Populous, Road Rash

What do you think they'll be? What are you hoping for