PSX What is your favourite game on the PS1?


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Mine is probably Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It's well paced, and I like that it's more action focused than RE1. I do think that the dodging mechanic was pretty unpredictable at times but other than that, it's well worth playing.


Final Fantasy VII!

and Wipeout.

and Abe's Odyssey

and this fella....

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RE3 was one of my favourites too.

I also loved tomb raider 1, star wars episode 1, and harry potter.

All these games looked amazing back then!


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I've never played these but want to. Maybe this summer.
They are fantastic. I have the complete in box editions for both, which I remember being kinda pricey. Emulation may be your friend in this case.

There are also a few different versions of the Lunar games on different systems, all are a little different. I've also played the GBA version of Lunar 1 and it's pretty good. I can't speak for the Sega CD versions.


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Ok... here is my list:

Ridge Racer
Formula 1 (the first version by Bizzare Creations)
Abes Odyssey
Gran Turismo

I am sure there are more just cant think at the moment!
When I got back in to retro and grabbed a PS1, the first game I grabbed was Ridge Racer. What a game!

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