What's your favorite rogue-like?


May 11, 2021
Alphaman definitely sounds worth a look, I'll check that out.

I'm never completely sure the difference between a Roguelike and a Roguelite, but here goes:

Sword of Fargoal (VIC-20), 1982

Probably the first Rogue-type game I played, and long before I know what Rogue was!

The Binding of Issac, 2011
I was going to call this a recent game, but having checked - it's ten years old! I played a lot of this when it came out and got slightly addicted to it.

AfterParty (Vic 20), 2020

This one I discovered when I did my round-up of best recent homebrew games for the VIC-20 - partly what I liked about it, is that there's no dungeons. The premise it that you wake up after a party, and needing the loo, have to stumble about in the dark looking for for the loo, but avoiding stubbing your toe on objects in the room.