Ayumi had been an ordinary Japanese teenage girl – until one day, when summer vacation was just about to begin, a strange creature appeared and told her that a parallel world is in danger. Only Ayumi can stop the evil warlock Baram and his monster minions, since the inhabitants of the other world consider her a goddess incarnate.

Ayumi is an adventure game with comical and slight erotic undertones. Interaction with the environment is performed by selecting commands (such as Examine, Ask, Take etc.) from a menu. However, unlike most Japanese adventures, navigation is done in a RPG-like fashion on a top-down world map, with individual locations represented as icons. The game allows a considerable degree of exploration, though some areas are inaccessible until certain conditions are met. As opposed to most Japanese adventures, the story progresses by solving problems (which usually involves procuring items and using them in another context) rather then simply by triggering events. There are also a few puzzles in the game.


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