Cyberpunks coder, Adrian Cummings, working on new top-down adventure Amiga game – Dungeonette

Adrian Cummings, the brains behind Cyberpunks for the Amiga, has announced his upcoming game, Dungeonette – The New Adventure – a top-down dungeon crawler type game for the Amiga.

No ETA as yet, Cummings says that he “started it pretty much after CyberPunks 2 was released, so it’s a slow burner project I guess. I’m about a third of the way through mapping the game, which is pretty big and set in the lands of ‘Amigea’.”

The genre of game was decided in a poll that Cumming made last year, with “Rogue/Dungeon Crawler” winning with 204 votes.

Cummings says that his inspirations for the game include “a bit of Final Odyssey but leaning more toward Dragonstone with a hint of Diablo.”, adding that it’s “basically a hack & slash dungeon crawler via joystick input.”

The game is planned to be released on AGA Amiga’s and CD32.

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