The VIC gets its own version of Prince of Persia!

Pedro Bermejo has just released his “kind of” version of Prince of Persia for the Commodore VIC 20, and it plays pretty good.

It does require a +35k expansion if you’re playing on the real deal, but it also plays nice in emulators.

Bermejo says:

“Prince of Persia was one of my favourite games when I got my first PC (I have to express my deepest admiration by his creator, Jordan Mechner). And, when I saw a version of this game for the Spectrum (developed by someone nicknamed Nicodim), I thought that something similar, to some extent, could be done for the VIC-20. Given the difference in available RAM (Spectrum version, as the original game developed for the Apple II, required 128 Kb) I had to do many simplifications. This is clearly noticeable in the movements (not as smooth as the original) and, especially, in the sword fighting (when started working on this I already had very limited available memory so you’ll see this is very simplified). Besides this, you’ll find many other differences with the original game (and, even, with the spectrum version), but I hope you find it interesting to see the Kid running and jumping through the VIC-20 screens. This VIC-20 version includes 9 levels (these try to be similar to the 9 first levels of the original version) plus the final scene with the Princess.”

You can download the game from the Denial forums.

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