Commodore 64

Based on the arcade game Check Man, you attempt to defuse bombs on a various number of levels. You play on a 15×12 grid viewed from above with the whole grid on screen and you must move to a bomb on screen to touch it and remove it. The bomb needs defusing within a time limit and if successful then depending on the level number, another one appears. As you move about the grid, any square you move from disappears so careful planning of your route must be made but if you do find yourself trapped then you can move the row your on, left or right.

There are two types of nasties on the screen and these are skull & crossbones or boots. The skulls stay where they are but move if the row they are on is being moved by you. The boots move around the grid themselves but cannot move onto blank squares. Flags can be collected for extra bonus points. If you touch a nasty, get trapped or fail to defuse a bomb within the time limit, then you lose on of five lives.


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