Frantic Freddie

From the people who brought you that excellent version of Donkey Kong a couple of months back comes Frantic Freddie, yet another platform game. If anything (and some may find this hard to believe) it’s even simpler than Kong. Hero Freddie has to be maneuvered around the network of platforms and ladders whilst picking up the goodies and avoiding the roving nasties. Not so bad, eh? Ah, but the twist here is that Freddie can’t walk through the ladders, so if he’s not careful it’s very easy for him to get trapped in a dead-end. However, that aside, that’s pretty much all there is to say.

It’s simple, enjoyable and very fast paced. However, it can get a bit frustrating simply due to the ease with which you can get caught by the ghoulies. (Ahem!) All-in-all, Frantic Freddie’s unlikely to keep you glued to your monitor all night long, but it’s the sort of game you’re likely to load up from time to time just for a quick go.


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