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greenTech+ is a commercial version of the freeware game greenTech. Just like in the original game the player controls a hurricane in an attempt to steer polluted clouds into cleansing factories, to create cleaner air and thwart global warming. Polluted clouds are sent out gradually and these are drawn towards the hurricane that can move about freely on the screen. By moving the hurricane and keeping track of all pollution, the clouds need to be steered into the factories. Borrowing from the mechanics of Tower Defense games, the pollution needs to be moved away from high pressure zones. These zones immediately absorb the pollution and disperse it, adding 10% to the global warming percentage. Similarly, having pollution touch the hurricane yields a 20% percentage. When 100% is reached, Earth is destroyed and the game is over.

The game consists of 30 levels that are unlocked in six tiers, along with a tutorial. New tiers become available by collecting perfect clear ribbons; clearing stages with 0% percentage. The game has a retro look and all levels are played in single, non-scrolling screens. In later levels multiple pollution appears at once and it often needs to be guided through small passages. Two additional keys allow the player to speed up or speed down the pollution, but this does not affect the entire game time. By completing levels players unlock monitors that give the game a different look. The game also supports anaglyph 3D.

Compared to the mechanics of the first game, the hurricane is no longer restricted to a grid and can be moved around freely at a much faster pace compared to the mouse-based controls in the original game.


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