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You are the head of the US Government’s Hijack Division, and you are called into action when a group of terrorists hijack a vehicle. You have three potential ways to foil them – get enough money to bribe them, use political influence to over-rule them, or bring in military force. To achieve any of these tasks, you will need to work with the President, FBI and CIA agents, Military and Political Advisers, and other staff including the Secretary to keep you in contact with them. You have a time limit, which the President can attempt to extend with the hijackers if you request this. You control your characters left-right movement through the buildings directly, including entering lifts to switch rooms, but moving the controller up or down moves a cursor along rows of icons at the top and bottom of the screen. The screen also has graphs to indicate your current political, military and financial situations. Most important of these are the chances to interact with other staff members, provided they are in the room. There are at least two requests you can make to each of them – The President can be asked for more support, an FBI Agent can question staff to ensure that there is no inside information. CIA Agents can give information about the hijackers, with 3 levels of detail, the more advanced ones taking longer. Press releases must be issued to ensure good publicity (and thus keep the President on your side) and funds raised to help with a financial solution. Your final target is to go to the scene of the hijack and negotiate with the terrorists. You can bring your key advisers with you, to increase the chance of a correct outcome.


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