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In Hook, based on the 1991 film by Steven Spielberg, the player controls Peter Pan who is trying to rescue his children from Captain James Hook. This version differs from the version of the game by Ukiyotei. While also a platformer, the title by Painting by Numbers also includes flying levels as well as one-on-one fight scenes.

From a map of Neverland, the next level to be played can be chosen via a compass-like pointer. Depending on which ones are tackled first, different paths through the game open up, but all levels must be completed before Hook can be confronted on his pirate ship. The locations include caves, forests, lagoons, towns and icy landscapes.

Before each level, the fairy Tinker Bell will offer some advice on the goals and challenges to follow. The main goal in every stage is to collect a number of items, like cakes, cherries, coins or peaches, and sometimes a special item like a clock, a tooth and a musical horn. Only when all items have been picked up the level exit will open. Between Peter and the exit there will be various enemies, depending on the type of level: pirates, ghosts, dragons, monkeys, snowmen and many more. To defend himself, Peter can use a sword. Once he has picked up some thimbles, Tinker Bell will start following him, and by using up a thimble he can also send out the fairy to attack. Collecting marbles is also important, as these allow Peter to float along pixie dust, which allows him to reach areas otherwise out of bounds. Lost health is replenished by picking up food.

Besides the standard platforming levels, there are also underwater areas. In these, Tinker Bell isn’t available to help, and having to swim makes it more difficult to get around. Anvils conveniently placed around the area can be held on to to get deeper fast. The only way to refill the health bar is to swim to the surface for air.

Different areas of Neverland are connected through flying levels. In these, Peter Pan is seen from behind. The Lost Boys send up marbles on balloons which he must pick up to stay afloat, but Hook’s men will also send up balloons with dynamite which must be avoided, as must the occasional storm cloud.

The first fight scene is against Rufio, who must be beaten to collect a magic sword. The final confrontation against Hook is another fight, but unlike Rufio, Hook doesn’t play fair and sends out Smee to temporarily immobilize Peter using a ball and chain.


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