Killer Ball
Amstrad CPC

Do you like violence? Do you have the soul of a US football player? Do you have killer? If hate is your daily bread, get into the Killerball arena.
Before you start, you must know the rules of this game. Two teams of five players compete on an ovoid circuit. The ten killermen move on roller skates. A ball is thrown in the arena, and our ten players will try to take possession of it. Therefore, the game consists in placing the ball in the opposing goal represented by two diametrically opposite holes. It is obvious that the player in possession of the ball must avoid the attackers of the opposing team, because the latter will not give him any gifts. Feet, fists, knees will be part of the celebration. To score a goal, it is sufficient that a team does not lose the ball during a complete lap of the circuit. From then on, a small orange light lights up to indicate the opening of the hatch which will serve as a goal.


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