Logic Pro 2

Logic Pro 2 was produced by Deniam Corp. in 1997.

Try to find all the empty squares in the play area without uncovering a bomb. The number of bombs in the immediate vicinity appears on the mine sweeper and it is up to you to determine where the bombs actually are.

This is a mine sweeper game from Deniam. Successfully uncover all the empty squares and color picture will be revealed. The size of the first grid is 10 by 10 squares and the size of the last grid, the 12th stage, is 20 by 20 squares. If you play quickly and you do not uncover any mines, you will receive a level quotient maximum of 25, but if any mines were found or you take longer to finish, the level quotient decreases. The maximum score possible is 300. The time of each stage is limited and decreases if you uncover a mine or you take your time to complete a stage.


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