Mr. Wong’s Loopy Laundry
Amstrad CPC

Mr. Wong’s Loopy Laundry is a platform game with static scenarios. Each scenario corresponds to a different level with increased difficulty and is divided by floors connected by ladders.

Mr. Wong, the character the player will incarnate, is the owner of this laundry and his job consists in picking and putting all the scattered pieces of clothing in the laundry chute, accessed through the upper right corner of the scenario. He has to repeat this process for each piece of clothing because he has no washing basket to carry them all at once. To make more difficult his job there are many entities which will try to stop him from doing his job as a possessed iron, a bag of dirty laundry or soap suds.

As a weapon of defence, Mr. Wong has a limited quantity of starch which can be charged against his obstacles, temporarily paralysing them. When it’ll ran out, the player can recharge it by picking new bags of starch which will randomly materialize just a few moments after.


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