Psycho City
Amstrad CPC

The streets of our fair city are no longer safe. The year is 1991, drug crazed gunmen, muggers and junkies prowl the streets in a city where it’s not even safe for the Dealers, Pushers and Hookers to make a dishonest living. You work these streets as one of New York’s finest. In the past six months you have seen the situation degenerate, almost all your fellow cops are on the Mafias payroll, your family and partner have all been wiped out by hired hit-men drafted in from Chicago by the infamous Mr. Big. You know that you cannot rest until you have wiped the streets clean of the organized crime syndicate that controls the city. But in Psycho City even the trash cans can prove deadly, some contain harmless stolen goods, some are empty, but some are used by armed hit-men just waiting to jump out and kill you. However, all the cans are booby trapped and will explode if they hit something.


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