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Ricochet is based on the classic arcade game Breakout which has you tasked to complete various levels to destroy the building blocks of the universe to stop Dimension-5 becoming a White Dwarf. This involves controlling a bat at the bottom of the screen and bouncing a ball off it to hit the blocks above. When the ball hits a block it will disappear and bounce back down the screen and you have to hit it back up. Don’t let the ball go pass you as this will lose one of three lives.

Hitting various blocks release a coloured ball and when five are collected of the same colour you receive a power-up which include, magnetic bat or a laser. The coloured balls are represented by the letters of the word GRAVY and each letter turns a different shade to indicate how many balls to collect. Occasionally a letter will fall and when collected you can press the space bar at any time to use it. When you reach the last couple of blocks, a Nortie appears and releases multiple balls and when you do clear the screen you play a bonus round. A wave of Norties appear and you have to hit them when they move to the bottom of the screen to receive points.


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