Rugby Coach
Amstrad CPC

Rugby League is a form of rugby popular in the North of England and the game Rugby Coach allows you to manage a team and take them from Division 2 and win the Division1 title as well as various cups. After choosing one of 16 teams you are presented with a menu screen with various options to choose from to help make your team the best. You can select your team as well as buy and sell players. You also can see various stats as well as fixtures and the league table.

When you are happy with your selection it is on to the next game which is represented by text and a little picture in the corner showing a part of the pitch and any points scored on it. As a timer climbs from 0 to 80 mins, you can also see other match scores changing as your game progresses. You have two substitutes at your disposal and can be changed at any time as well as some tactics that can be changed at any time as well.


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