Join the ranks of the elite and take control of a crack team… The 501st Cyber Assault Squad. The foreign legion of the future; armed to the teeth with high-tech weapons and wearing power assisted armour, only these rock hard commandos are tough enough to take on the universe – and beyond…

Lead Raa, Gee, and Bee into battle against terrifying alien life forms, on missions that are more than just another bug-hunt. Time is running out… The drop-ship is ready to roll; and you are about to board an express elevator to hell… Going down!

You are given five missions to complete, each mission has four decks. You can use teleport pads to warp to another area of the deck. If you don’t complete your mission under the given time limit, you’ll fail your mission and the game ends, and stopping you from completing your mission are a horde of aliens. Some areas are guarded by a steel door, and the only way that you can open it, is by obtaining a red, green, blue, yellow, or black ID card. As well as the doors, there are force field gates, which can be deactivated if someone in your team carries a force field key. At the end of each mission is a boss waiting to terminate you on sight.

Raa, Gee, and Bee can carry up to six items in their inventory. The first two places are reserved for weapons. The four remaining places can be filled with ID cards, disks, smart bomb units, and shields. If one of the team members already have six items and they pick a seventh item up, then that item replaces the active inventory item (which is shown by a white border around it).

During your mission, you can access terminals which require a red, green, blue, or yellow disk which can be found either lying about, or it is dropped by an alien. These terminals allow you to bypass door circuits, view deck blueprints, and scan restricted information. The blueprints are useful if you can’t find your way around a deck. Also with these terminals, you can obtain several items like force field key circuits, party shield orbs, time distortion cubes, and much more.

In between each mission, you are given a passkey, which you can enter at the title screen. This passkey lets you start a new mission later. If you haven’t discovered the cheats earlier, they will be revealed when you complete the game.


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