Doody is a single screen platform game for the Amiga, released in 1992. The game is very heavily inspired by Nintendo’s arcade game, Mario Bros., and like its inspiration it can be played by one player, or two players simultaneously.

You play as a bespectacled orange ball, or a blue ball if you’re player two, and your aim is to clear the sewers of pests, such as turtles and crabs.

The game first appeared on Amiga Format coverdisk, and made its way to the public domain libraries of the time. It subsequently received positive reviews in the pages of The One, and Amiga Power.

The game was coded by Andy Clark, with graphics by Andy Noble and music by Phil Brown.


Doody (C) 1991 W.G.S.S
Written by Andy Clark
Graphics by Andy Noble

Important: Remove any external floppy drives before executing.

Keyboard Controls:

P – Pause game
Esc – Quit
F1 – Start 1 player game
F2 – Start 2 player game

The scenario

The two intrepid doods have gone and fallen down a sewer would you believe, 32 levels of sewer in fact and it’s up to you to guide them out back up to street level.

The only problem being the inhabitants who aren’t too happy about the doods invading their privacy and try to knock the doods back whenever they can.

The inhabitants:

Green Turtles

These are the first inhabitants you Will meet, they live in the lower regions of the sewer and are quite easy to deal with, simply jump up and hit the platform directly beneath them to turn them on their backs, them run around and kick em off the screen by running at them.

Be careful not to leave them on their backs too long though as they may surprise you by getting up and turning blue with rage.

Blue Turtles

Same as the green variety except they are a little quicker on their feet and will not lie around for long.

Pink Turtles

These are the meanest of the sewer turtles and have been know to run around at speeds reaching 15 MPH, beware they can recover from a fall with infuriating speed.

Pink Crabs
Another inhabitant of the lower sewers, these nippy little creatures require two hits to render them unfit for service, the first hit only making them angry.
Not very fast on their feet though.

Blue Crabs

These are the hybrids of the crab community, again needing two hits for a kill but they are also the fastest of the creatures you are likely to be unfortunate enough to run into, BEWARE!

In a sewer?? When the first reports of penguins came in we couldn’t believe it ourselves but we were soon to change our minds, to this day Mr Creaves has the scares to prove what is the strangest creature ever found to inhabit a sewer. However fear not, difficult to dispose of they are not.

Ice Blocks

Little is known about this strange phenomemon, we assume they are broken off larger ice formations by some of the more intelligent residents of the sewer but have never discovered where from, or who is responsible,
These are best disposed of by hitting from a lower platform which results in them smashing
into harmless ice powder,


Their are a number of reported sightings of mysterious ghost like creatures on all levels of the sewer, more so on high levels, all spectral phenomenon are best avoided at all costs.


You may be fortunate enough to discover ancient lost treasure whilst down the sewer,
in particular ancient coins, these can be collected in a number of ways, if you see any, grab’em while you can.

Special Items

Coke Cans
These can be collected for a special points bonus, of little use otherwise.

These when eaten will make you invincible to all foe, but only for a few seconds.


When collected they do nothing for the player but you opponent may find his control temporarily a little more difficult.

Bubble Letters

These are collected and when put together will spell the word BONUS, on completing the word the player will be awarded massive points , prizes and an extra life.

Extra Life Symbol

When collected will give the player an extra life,

N.B, You will have to be quick on your feet to collect the about items as they do not hang around for long.

You may also notice a POW block in the sewers, this when hit will have a blanket effect on all creatures that are on solid ground (it may do more damage than good), use sparingly.

Playing notes

Be careful not to hit a paralysed enemy from beneath as this may give them
just the push they need to get back on his feet.

Extra Lives awarded every 10000 points,
Good Luck


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