Dozer is a Lemmings variant Puzzle game, developed and published by FastRam Design, which was released in Europe in 1994 as a Shareware cover disk of the Amiga Format (Issue #58) magazine.

The aim of the game is to return ‘Mon’ the red Spinosaurus to his cage. This is done by pushing blocks around the castle with the ‘Dozer’. ‘Mon’ likes to follow walls so if the blocks are positioned appropriately he will return to his cage. Don’t squash ‘Mon’, you need to catch him alive!

Complicating things somewhat is the fact that you must push a block on a green face (arrow) or it will not move. Gold blocks will slide when pushed and keep moving until they hit something. There are various types of blue floor tiles which will do curious things to any block that hits them. Red floor tiles act as barriers to blocks and some of them affect ‘Mon’. Watch out for the staircase, you lose if ‘Mon’ escapes down it. Not all tiles are bad.


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