Dr. Fruit

Dr. Fruit is an Action game, developed by Softwar Arts and published by Anco Software, which was released in Europe in 1987.

In Dr. Fruit the player takes the role of Dr. Falken who was transformed into a strawberry. Now he has to dig trough his garden in this Mr. Do! variant.

A level consists of dirt, free places (normally arranged to ways) and fruits. To reach the next level, Dr. Falken needs to pick up all fruit. If can’t (or doesn’t want to) use the existing ways to reach them, he digs new ways into the dirt. However, there are also enemies lurking on the field which are restricted to the free ways. An enemy can be disposed of by shooting him or by digging away the dirt under a rock so it falls on his head.

Dr. Fruit is rubbish to play, avoid.


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